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Oxnard, California
Thank you for visiting my online home. 

I'd like to invite you to really study the information on this weight site. One thing you will notice is the different approach I take with my personal training service.

I still will show you exercises to help you tone the areas you want to work on and help you understand what and how much to eat to lose weight, BUT I will also help you understand how weight loss work, why you haven't lost weight, and give you all of the tools I have so you can lose the weight, and most imporatntly, KEEP IT OFF!

Below you'll find a detailed descriptions of how I work and what you can expect. 

First, I will give you 6 Weight Loss Principles to help you understand what it really takes to lose weight and keep it off.

Then, WE will use 9 Weight Loss Tools to create a custom weight loss plan that is easy for you to follow. These tools will...
  1. Show you what’s really stopping you from losing weight.
  2. Help you find automatic ways for you to lose weight in your everyday life.
  3. Figure out your fitness level so you can set safe and realistic weight loss goals.
  4. Use 3 simple steps to clearly explain healthy eating so you can lose weight.
  5. Create an exercise routine that is fun, short, and easy  for you to do. 
  6. Give you tips to help you drink more water, get more sleep, and worry less.
  7. Keep you accountable to your health with weekly weigh-ins.
  8. Plus, I will give you 3 bonuses: List of Top 10 Healthy Habits to jumpstart your weight loss journey, 3 ways to reduce or eliminate your cravings, and a technique to make weight loss simple and easy.

My Name is Jose J Calderon and I am a certified personal trainer that specializes in helping people lose weight. I became certified in November of 2016. But, I’ve been helping people since I lost weight back in 2006. I know what low energy and poor confidence feels like and what it does to people… and I’d like to help you breakthrough those areas so you can become a more energized, confident, and happier you!

I ONLY help women and men that ARE READY to lose weight. Some of the people I’ve already helped have lost 10 pounds while others more than 75. You can too! It doesn’t matter how much weight you have to lose, how busy your schedule is, or how much energy/knowledge/hope you have. I can help.

At the moment, my office is in Oxnard, CA. 

  1. We set up a FREE initial consultation.
  2. If you decide to sign up, the consultation, then becomes the first session.   
  3. We meet once a week for 12 weeks (that’s about 3 months)                      
  4. Each meeting is about 30 minutes long.
  5. In the meeting:
    1. I give you a new principle and tool.
    2. I show you a new and specific exercise to help you target a specific body area you want to change.
    3. We talk about your experience with what you’ve learned.
    4. You ask me all of your weight loss questions.
    5. You weigh-in.

Original Price $600 ($50 per session)
Sale Price $300 ($25 per session)
Only for First 10 People Price $200 ($20 per session) 
* 1 out of 10 has signed-up*

  • Do you have smaller packages? No. I’ve tried them and they won’t give you the best results. This 12 week package works best!
  • What happens after the 12 weeks? By that time, you will already be down some weight and will know exactly what to do to continue losing weight. You'll have complete control!
  • Do I need to join a gym or get a treadmill for my house? No. I’ll show you simple exercises that can be done anywhere with little-to no equipment. 
  • I have really bad cravings, will your program help? Yes. I give you 3 specific ways to reduce or eliminate them.
  • I don’t have time, how can I do it?... Everyone has time, you’re just not ready.
  • Why is it so expensive? It’s really not. Let me ask you this, how much did you pay for your phone?($700+),  TV?($1,000+),  Car?($10,000+)... Are those things more important than your health?
  • I have no motivation, can you help? YES! results are the biggest motivator. Once you begin to really lose FAT, you'll become motivated. Usually most people can lose some weight on their own, but most of this weight is water weight... thats why it comes back so quickly. When people lose fat, it doesn't. I'll help you lose fat. 
  • Can I pay part now and the rest later? No. I’ve found the people who pay everything upfront are much more committed.
  • If you have more questions, text or email them to me. I will respond ASAP.

Hire me because…
  • I have personal experience with being overweight and then losing it. I’ve lost 32 pounds and have kept it off for more than 11 years. This helps me really understand what you are going through. 
  • I created my program based on my personal experience and improved it by using it with my clients. You will be using the best version of it.  
  • ​I am certified by ISSA and insured.
  • I really do want you to lose weight. Because of this, I am going to give you two FREE consultations/weigh-ins.  The first will be 3 months after you finish my 12 week program and the other at 9 months. This will give you one full year of working with me. 
(805) 843-9352
(805) 843-9352